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Growing the future, healthy eating.
About Fesa
FESA UK Ltd are a grower, packer and supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables. Supplying all sectors of the UK Market including retail, food service, food manufacturing and wholesale markets. We grow and source product seasonally, on a global scale.
Our involvement begins with research in to the latest varieties of some of the world's best known fresh produce categories.

We support our farmers in developing pioneering growing techniques, which improve yields and reduce pesticide usage, after all we are a grower as well!
Our growing partners Anecoop and Agricola Famosa provide many of the products, but year round sourcing is ensured by going as far afield as Africa, North, South and Central
We are looking for a reliable company to supply garlic /onions to our company .
Copyright Fesa UK Ltd ? 2019

Quantity : 100

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